Alger 35 ETF (ATFV)


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ATFV Dividends

Alger 35 ETF has an annual dividend yield of 0.01%, the payout is currently $0.00 per share. The dividend is paid out annually, once per year. The most recent ex-dividend date is Dec 20, 2023.

Dividend Yield (TTM)


Annual Dividend (FWD)


Ex Dividend Date

Dec 20, 2023

Payment Frequency


Dividend Growth


Dividend History

Ex-Dividend DatePayment AmountPayment Date
Dec 20, 2023$0.002Dec 29, 2023
Dec 21, 2022$0.007Dec 30, 2022

* Priced have been adjusted for splits

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Frequently Asked Questions

52 Week Price Range13.669 - 20.62
Forward Dividend Yield0.01%
Earnings Per Share0.00
Years Paying Dividends1 year

About ATFV

Under normal circumstances, the fund invests in a stock portfolio of approximately 35 equity securities of companies of any market capitalization that the Manager believes are undergoing Positive Dynamic Change. Equity securities include common or preferred stocks. The fund focuses its investments in technology companies, including companies benefiting from technological improvements, advancements or developments. The fund is non-diversified.

Asset Class

ETF Company