Dividend Investment Calculator

Use our dividend investment calculator to give you an idea on how much you could earn in the future for a given dividend paying stock. Once calculated, you can see a comprehensive table below on how your investment would grow over time.


After 10 Years

End Balance


Total Return


Avg. Annual Return


Annual Dividend Income


Total Dividend Payment


Yield on Cost


Portfolio Balance

Dividend Income

Each Year Breakdown

YearShares OwnedAnnual Dividend Per ShareAnnual DividendAnnual ContributionYear-End Shares OwnedYear End Stock PriceNew Balance

* Disclaimer: This calculator is intended for education purposes only and is NOT investment advice. You always run the risk of losing your investment capital in the market. This calculator should not be used as a biases for financial planning. Always seek professional advice before making any financial decisions. We are not responsible for the accuracy and results of this calculator.

How to use the Dividend Investment Calculator

The DividendYields.com dividend calculator provides an easy to understand way to calculate your future potential dividend income. You can calculate your expected growth using different changing factors. For example, based on a stock's history you can enter in the anticipated annual growth of the stock's price. You can make a similar assumption with the amount you expect the dividend yield to grow year over year. You can also factor in personal preferences, such as how much you expect to contribute per year, and if you plan on using a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan). All these factors can play into how you can expect your investment to grow over time.

As always, these sorts of tools are designed to simply give you an idea, it's impossible to predict future investments with complete accuracy.

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