Accelerate Enhanced Canadian Benchmark Alternative Fund (ATSX.TO)


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ATSX.TO Dividends

Accelerate Enhanced Canadian Benchmark Alternative Fund has an annual dividend yield of 7.42%, the payout is currently $1.68 per share. The dividend is paid out quarterly, every three months. The most recent ex-dividend date is Dec 28, 2023.

Dividend Yield (TTM)


Annual Dividend (FWD)


Ex Dividend Date

Dec 28, 2023

Payment Frequency


Dividend Growth

4 Years

Dividend History

Ex-Dividend DatePayment AmountPayment Date
Dec 28, 2023$0.42Jan 11, 2024
Sep 28, 2023$0.42Oct 10, 2023
Jun 29, 2023$0.42Jul 10, 2023
Mar 30, 2023$0.42Apr 07, 2023
Dec 29, 2022$0.42Jan 09, 2023
Sep 28, 2022$0.42Oct 07, 2022
Jun 29, 2022$0.42Jul 08, 2022
Mar 30, 2022$0.42Apr 07, 2022
Dec 29, 2021$0.42Jan 10, 2022
Sep 28, 2021$0.36Oct 07, 2021
Jun 29, 2021$0.10Jul 08, 2021
Mar 30, 2021$0.10Apr 07, 2021
Dec 30, 2020$0.10Jan 08, 2021
Sep 29, 2020$0.10Oct 07, 2020
Jun 29, 2020$0.10Jul 08, 2020
Mar 30, 2020$0.10Apr 07, 2020
Dec 30, 2019$0.10Jan 08, 2020
Sep 27, 2019$0.10Oct 07, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

52 Week Price Range21.01 - 24.39
5 Year Yield Range1.76 - 7.73%
Forward Dividend Yield7.42%
3 Year Dividend Growth103.28%
Earnings Per Share2.20
PE Ratio10.82
Years Paying Dividends5 years


The Accelerate Enhanced Canadian Benchmark Alternative Fund (ATSX) aims for long-term capital growth and a risk-adjusted return that outperforms the broader Canadian equity market. ATSX mainly seeks this growth through direct or indirect investment in Canadian and international stocks that are traded on Canadian exchanges, thus reflecting the wide range of Canadian listed equities. To enhance returns, ATSX also carries out a long-short equity overlay strategy, allowing it to place up to 50% of its portfolio in short positions, with the proceeds being used to procure an additional long position overlay equal to about 50% of its holdings. This approach creates leverage that can amplify long portfolio exposure, while the short positions function as a hedge against the heightened market risk from the created leverage. The total value of the short-sold securities is capped at 50% of the Fund's net asset value (NAV). The decisions for the long and short overlay portfolios are grounded in a multi-factor strategy that aligns with proven empirical evidence and financial theories, considering various market factors.

Asset Class

ETF Company

Accelerate Financial Technologies Inc